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Iwakuni Marigold Translation

Contact us at or send us a message on our official Line page @marigold for more details. Alternatively, just click on the Line icon above.



Daily support, online support etc. - from ¥3,300 per hour


General document translation

¥10 per 1 Japanese character

¥15 per English word

Translation of military ID card, passport, residence card, driver's license - ¥2,200 per document

Translation of marriage certificate, affidavit of competency to marry, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, family register (Koseki), etc. - ¥4,400 per document

* Notarized translations cost ¥12,650 per document (¥11,500 standard fee for the notary office plus a ¥1,150 handling charge)


Marigold is an Iwakuni, Yamaguchi based translation service. We can offer face to face services for those living in the Iwakuni and MCAS Iwakuni areas, or online for those who live further away. 


Here at Marigold, we want non-Japanese residents to enjoy their lives while living in Japan. However, you may find some difficulties when it comes to communicating or carrying out daily tasks in a foreign country.


We mainly offer services in the areas of support for daily life in Japan and translating. For details, please see the sections below.

Support with daily life in Japan


We provide services to support you in your daily life. Whether you or your family need help with communicating in your daily life, or you just need guidance to reach your goals, we are here to help. 


We can support you with such tasks as:


Finding off-base housing

Providing notarized translations of documents from city hall


Translating notes from your child's kindergarten or school


Translating medical documents

Support with understanding Japanese accounting and HR software for sole proprietors and corporations

... and more! Please contact us with any requests.


※Please note we cannot register official documents on your behalf. We will support you with the paperwork.


We are especially experienced at working with clients face to face in the Iwakuni and Hiroshima areas, but we can also work with clients from around the world via video conferencing services. 

Please connect with us at or send us a message on Line using our official page @marigold

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